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Will this be released on Windows at some point?

It is released for windows.

Yes, same for me. It downloads an empty zip file.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey we have re-uploaded the game!

Looks cool. The download link seems to be broken though?  It's reading as 0 bytes

fixing some bugs, will be up by tomorrow!

Hey we have re-uploaded the game!

Save for the one major bug and the final sequence, I really enjoyed this! And the final sequence was still pretry cool despite my frustrations with it. 

I was pretty amazed how quickly I felt for Lynn and AX, the dialogue was minor but extremely effective. The level design always seemed somewhat simple, but the art that went into all of it really masked that well most of the time. 

I have some pretty detailed thoughts at the end of the video. Color me impressed, well done! 


Thank you so much for playing our game, I also enjoyed your Let's play.